What is digital legacy, and why is it important?

Kathmandu. Usually, when a loved one dies, his belongings are taken care of. It’s important to handle digital content as well as other content.

However, this would not be possible without the data we collected after our death, such as photos, recordings, documents, journals, calendars, our passwords, or our biometric passwords.

Many may not have thought about this. For example, after your death, you may have already nominated someone who will have the right to your property. This is the practice in banking and real estate.

But today your data is your asset. Giving your digital property to another person in this way is called digital legacy. The process is now being facilitated by the companies concerned to transfer the legacy in the form of digital legacy.

Recently, Apple has also started the facility of taking digital legacy. Apple has introduced the ‘Legacy Contact’ feature in the latest update of iOS 15.2.

Under this feature, the person in the user’s legacy contact can access the messages, photos, notes, and other important data on the user’s iPhone after his death.

Google has also introduced a similar feature for its users. However, this feature is not as specific as Apple. For users with Google Accounts, there is an ‘Inactive Account Manager feature.

This feature allows users to deactivate their account if it has not been used for a long time. Users will also be able to choose who else can access their account.

In the case of Facebook, after the death, the user’s account is changed to another page called ‘memorize’, in which the profile is locked so that no one else can use it.

Or you can go to Facebook’s settings and manage the settings by asking the user to delete his account in advance in case of his death. Also, in case of his death, Facebook has made an arrangement to keep ‘legacy contact’.

In the case of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, the account can be removed. But others do not have access to data.

Similarly, Microsoft has not done any work related to a digital legacy so far.