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How to activate Conference call on NTC, Ncell ?

How to activate Conference call on NTC Ncell? conference call is very important for some sort of time. You can add multiple calls at once, just live group video call on social media.

Minister Yadav’s speech slipped, Controversy

A person like a minister should not speak in a hurry and should control what she is saying

Chinese embassy hands over 2 million syringes to Nepal

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanchi wrote on social network Twitter that 2 million syringes given to Nepal by the Chinese embassy were handed over today.


Minister Yadav’s speech slipped, Controversy

A person like a minister should not speak in a hurry and should control what she is saying

To whom Prime Minister Deuba handing over Ministry of Defense and Industry?

At this time, the key to the power of both the party and the government is in Deuba's hands. That is why Deuba seems to be decisive in appointing a minister.

Respecting the Madhes movement for naming Madhes: Upendra Yadav

He said that the naming of the Madhes state has given respect to the Madhes movement.

All citizens need equal access to telecommunication services: Minister Karki

While inspecting the Nepal Telecommunication Authority office in Jamal on Monday, Minister Karki urged to extend the telecommunication service to the rural areas.

A meeting of the Political Coordination Committee was called after the discussion between Deuba and Prachanda

Prime Minister Deuba and Prachanda held talks in Baluwatar today on issues including local elections.

The country will not prosper unless the neglected community realizes its rights: Upendra Yadav

Minister for Physical, Infrastructure and Transport Renukumari Yadav said that Madhesis, who have been discriminated against for years, has started living with dignity due to the Madhes movement.

Minister Jhakri announcing 100-day progress today

Sher Bahadur Deuba, who became the prime minister last July, had expanded the cabinet only on 22 September.

Minister of Tourism Ale has been suspended from Corona transition, meeting and ministry work

Secretary Hemant Regmi said that both he and Minister Ale had been infected with the virus.

Dr. Baburam Bhattarai: For alternative politics, let’s debate on methods and ideas, not on individuals!

He has such an opinion through social media. He said that in the current context of Nepal, inclusive and participatory democracy and advanced socialism should be debated.

After Yogesh, Ale is now opening their file

Those who do not pay taxes by running casinos are prevented from fleeing the country.

I was shocked to see Pashupati’s Dharamshala: Tourism Minister Ale

Minister Ale, who was asked to bring out all the facts after the investigation committee submitted its report on Monday, said that Rs.

After Modi’s remarks, the famous Congress leader declared himself dead

India has set up a security camp at Kalapani by crossing the border of the fake Mahakali 9 Lipukhola as determined by India and even before Lipukhola.

Health Minister: Don’t worry that there will be lockdown, the government is not in favor of lockdown

Speaking at a program organized at Kirtipur Hospital in Kathmandu on Thursday, Minister Khatiwada said that the government was not in favor of unnecessary lockdown.

Demand to use ‘stick’ of action against former king and president !

The COVID-19 Crisis Management Coordination Center (CCMCC) on Sunday issued a 13-point directive to the government to raise awareness of the rapidly growing transition.

Corona spread in Baluwatar, PCR of Deuba will be done tomorrow

After seeing the corona positive in the person with daily contact, Deuba has started doing PCR again.

Poor Balkot is starving, if there is any doctor, treat him: Madhav Nepal’s abuse on Kp Oli

He was accused of being arrogant, arrogant, and bad-tempered.

Meeting of top leaders of the coalition in Baluwatar

Senior Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel is the coordinator of the coordination committee.

Bishwaprakash Sharma : The parties should maintain social unity

He mentioned that the major political parties governing the country should be more responsible for increasing the attraction of the people towards politics.

Chief Justice Cholendra came out richer than Binod Chaudhary overnight, look at his wealth

Similarly, on the 17th of Asar last year, Dr. KC has mentioned in the petition.

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