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Friday, January 28, 2022

How to activate Conference call on NTC, Ncell ?

How to activate Conference call on NTC Ncell? conference call is very important for some sort of time. You can add multiple calls at once, just live group video call on social media.

Minister Yadav’s speech slipped, Controversy

A person like a minister should not speak in a hurry and should control what she is saying

Chinese embassy hands over 2 million syringes to Nepal

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanchi wrote on social network Twitter that 2 million syringes given to Nepal by the Chinese embassy were handed over today.


The number of broker account openers is around 1.2 million

The number of TMS (broker account) openers has skyrocketed at a time when Corona's havoc is on the rise again.

Nepse index increased by 20.64 points, turnover above Rs 7.90 billion

On Monday, the Nepse index increased by 20.64 points and reached 2,947.38 points.

Nepal Share market: first hour, stock market rose by 69 points, with 2 billion turnover

Over 2 billion shares were traded in the first hour. Shares worth Rs 2.25 billion were traded during the period.

These are the reasons why internet is expensive in Nepal

Find Out Why internet expensive in nepal? With the expansion of the internet, the speed and price of the internet have changed a lot.

Employees looted Rs 1.6 million from the bank

According to SP Dinesh Raj Mainali of the Metropolitan Police Complex, Kathmandu, the investigation has revealed that the bank's money was looted through the connivance of Khatri and others.

New share investors are drowning, who is the main culprit?

The practice of playing hide and seek is still in vogue

Increase in the number of borrowers for agriculture

people taking loans for agriculture

Century Bank will distribute 6.05 percent dividend

The dividend will be distributed after it is approved

Global IME Bank operates 6 new accounts targeting NRN

Global IME Bank has launched six new foreign currency account

Samridhi Finance’s highest purchase of 20 million shares

Samridhi Finance had the highest number of shares traded

The stock market is down

The stock market has declined in the 39th minute of trading

Nepse declined by normal points, while turnover increased

The stock market has declined by normal numbers today

Share market closed after positive circuit in more than 50 companies

Trading closed at 1:26 pm today after the stock market gauge Nepse rose 6 percent.

Share investors dig on Prachanda

The market, which has reached above 3200 points, has been continuously declining recently and has dropped to 2200 points

The landslide in Nepse did not stop but decreased by 168 points in two days

The stock market measurement index-Nepse fell by 79.23 points on Monday and fell below 2300 points.

Most shares of Nabil Bank bought and sold

The stock traded at 12 noon on Monday, the second trading day of the year.

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