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How to activate Conference call on NTC, Ncell ?

How to activate Conference call on NTC Ncell? conference call is very important for some sort of time. You can add multiple calls at once, just live group video call on social media.

Minister Yadav’s speech slipped, Controversy

A person like a minister should not speak in a hurry and should control what she is saying

Chinese embassy hands over 2 million syringes to Nepal

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanchi wrote on social network Twitter that 2 million syringes given to Nepal by the Chinese embassy were handed over today.

Umesh Shrestha and Binod Chaudhary are collecting the millions of rupees given to the party with interest

PoliticsUmesh Shrestha and Binod Chaudhary are collecting the millions of rupees given to the party with interest

The 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress is underway in Kathmandu. They are engaged in business so that even the interest of the assistance amount can be recovered.

Chaudhary and Shrestha, who are well versed in how to put money in the hands of a leader and work on their behalf if they have money, have been taking visible and invisible benefits in the name of the party before.

These Chaudharys and Shresthas have occupied the reserved quota for bringing the backward classes into the mainstream of politics. In the reservation quota for the Madhesi party released by the Nepali Congress, Dollar Abarapati Binod Chaudhary has given his candidature for the central member while Umesh Shrestha has given his candidature for the central member of the reserved quota for the Janajati party.

In the first Constituent Assembly election of 2064 BS, Chaudhary became a member of the Madhesi quota from UML. In the second Constituent Assembly election, Chaudhary became a member of the Madhesi quota from Congress. In the 2074 general election, he also got the opportunity to become a member of the House of Representatives from the Madhesi quota.

Why did Chaudhary have to choose the Madhesi quota? If a person with access and indispensability for leaders like him had gone for an open quota, a Madhesi would have got the opportunity to reach the Central Working Committee. Just as Chaudhary has never been on the list of the highest taxpayers in Nepal even though he has been included in the list of billionaires of Forbes, it has been alleged that he will not stop occupying the Madhesi quota even if it is indispensable for the Congress leader.

Arjun Rana Deuba is one of the most powerful women in Nepal. Arjun is now the first woman to have good access and grip on the state machinery even when she is out of power. Although Deuba is the prime minister in the running of the government, Arju is a de facto prime minister in appointments, transfers, big contracts, and exercise of power. Not only the Congress cadres but also the senior leaders after Deuba cannot speak in front of Arjun. If such an influential woman becomes a candidate from the quota reserved for women, then according to the decision of the Supreme Court, it should be considered as the occupation of Taramara class.

Arjun is competing in the same quota as 9 members will be selected from the women’s quota. There was no one to stop her from going to open competition as influential a woman as Arjun. If that had happened, a woman would have been added to the Central Working Committee. However, Arju also came to get the reservation quota.

Minister of State without portfolio Umesh Shrestha is the third example of Tamara’s capture in the reservation quota. Adivasi Janajati, who has twice been elected as a Member of Parliament from the Congress, falls in the kitchen cabinet of the Deuba group, especially within the Congress, not only because of the best opportunities but also because of access and money.

Manoj Gurung, a young leader of the Nepali Congress (NC), says that the reservation quota is needed for Umesh Shrestha.

Not only Umesh Shrestha but also Chinkaji Shrestha, who has been a Member of Parliament and Central Member since 2048 BS, billionaire contractor Bahadur Singh Lama and others have killed the Adivasi Janajati quota. For sure

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