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How to activate Conference call on NTC, Ncell ?

How to activate Conference call on NTC Ncell? conference call is very important for some sort of time. You can add multiple calls at once, just live group video call on social media.

Minister Yadav’s speech slipped, Controversy

A person like a minister should not speak in a hurry and should control what she is saying

Chinese embassy hands over 2 million syringes to Nepal

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanchi wrote on social network Twitter that 2 million syringes given to Nepal by the Chinese embassy were handed over today.

MCC: What do these top leaders want in the current situation?

PoliticsMCC: What do these top leaders want in the current situation?

Kathmandu. The public wants to know why leaders are washing their hands bypassing the US aid project MCC. This article discusses the interests of the top leaders in this project.

The US-funded MCC is a Cooperation 500 million grant. It has to be passed by the parliament. According to the MCC agreement, it cannot be implemented without the approval of the parliament. However, Nepal’s political parties and leaders are divided on the issue of MCC. So far, the parties and leaders of the ruling coalition are divided on this issue.

Top leaders have started using MCC as a political weapon. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is in favor of passing the MCC at any cost. He said that the MCC was not a traitor. He said that MCC will be passed by the parliament. However, Prachanda is worried about MCC.

Prachanda said that while responding to the political report today, it was necessary to move forward strategically. He also said that the ruling coalition should not be allowed to break up. This means he does not want to move forward from the MCC parliament.

He seems to want MCC to be confused. Prachanda seems to understand that even the ruling coalition can avoid this. If Deuba moves forward to pass the MCC, he will have no choice but to support Prachanda or break the alliance.

Prachanda wants to make MCC a failure. If he succeeds, he will be politically strong. The general public has developed a negative perception of MCC. Prachanda is trying to take political advantage of this.

Chairman of the CPN-U Samajwadi Party Madhav Kumar Nepal is also in favor of not passing the MCC. He is trying to reassure Prachanda by standing against MCC. They are trying to become popular with the general public.

On the other hand, Madhav Nepal has been seen creating an environment to strengthen party unity or cooperation with Prachanda. He is of the view that if the MCC is in disarray, the alliance will be avoided and it can benefit from electoral cooperation or unity with Prachanda.

CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli had in the past stepped up to pass the MCC. However, he blamed the then Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara. This time, he has not clarified about MCC.

They are in the strategy of taking decisions only from the perception of the coalition about MCC. If the coalition tries to pass the MCC, Oli will almost certainly oppose it. They are in the strategy of supporting Oli Deuba, who is trying to move forward in the parliament due to differences in the alliance over MCC. This shows Oli’s understanding of breaking the ruling coalition and taking advantage of the election.

If the MCC is passed, it is in America’s interest to increase its influence in Nepal. On the other hand, China does not seem to want MCC. The US and China have different interests in the MCC. India is not against MCC. He also understands that MCC can be a challenge to China. Therefore, different interests of Nepal’s top leaders are hidden in the MCC from Shakti Rashtra. That is why MCC is so ridiculous.

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