Why Nepali movies Prem Geet 3 being dubbed in Hindi language?

11 December, Kathmandu. Producer Arjun Kumar has been speaking loudly for the past few days saying that the time has come when the South Indian (South) film was dubbed in Hindi and brought to Nepal.

He argues that the Hindi dub of Southern films will affect the Nepali film market. Although this is not the first time that a Hindi dub movie from the South is about to be released in Nepal, this time when Arjun raised his voice loudly, this issue got a lot of discussions.

While Arjun is protesting against the introduction of Hindi dubbed movies in Nepal, some Nepali movies are being dubbed in Hindi.

Of course, Nepali films have not been released in Sikkim, Darjeeling, and other places in India. However, it is not easy to screen Nepali films in major cities of India.

The producer of ‘Prem Geet 3’ has dubbed the film in Hindi, one of the few films that could not be released after the corona epidemic. Producer and director Santosh Sen has sold Indian rights to the film by recording the voices of famous Indian actors.

Preparations are now underway to dub some other Nepali films in Hindi. DR Mubhij recently took over the digital and India release of the movie ‘Prakash’. In the agreement with the producer of the film, it is mentioned that DR Mubhij will release the film in India by dubbing it in the Hindi language.

The producer has received more than Rs 6 million for the digital and Bharat rights of the film. Shyam Dhital, head of DR Mubhij, told online news, “We have reached an agreement with a Nepali manufacturer. But for the dubbed release in India, our conversation has only moved forward. ‘

According to him, DR Mubhij will spend more than Rs 4 million to dub in the Hindi language. Only then will the issue of which company to sell to in India move forward.

Despite this risky work, Dhital said that the source of income of Nepali producers would increase if Nepali films could be expanded in the Indian market.

According to Shyam, it is easy to take the market in India as there are a lot of viewers who love Nepali movies. Although DR Mubhij has dubbed the release of the Nepali movie ‘Krishna Leela’ in Hindi, it is not final yet.

However, if dubbed in Hindi language and released in Nepali movie halls and OTT platforms, the market for Nepali movies will be wider, say, filmmakers.