If anyone asks you why you are a vegetarian, read on!

If anyone asks why they are vegetarians, read on! When it comes to food, motherhood and vegetarianism are divided into two categories. Often those who run after taste prefer mother food. Because it can be used to make a variety of dishes.

There is an argument that meat must be eaten to make up for the lack of essential nutrients in the body. So in a balanced diet, meat, eggs are also included, but in this society, many people have made their tongues accustomed to vegetarian food. The universal belief is that vegetarian food is the best for a healthy life.

Why vegetarian? One of the arguments is that our anatomy is for vegetarian food because the intestines of the mother-eating animal are shorter in length. Tiger, the bear intestine is short as well. The human intestine is very long. We have to go through that long process to digest any food we eat. In that sense, it is possible meat is not suitable for the human body.

Nature has given us grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and roots so that we can get all the nutrients our body needs. These foods grow on the earth only when our body needs them. These naturally grown foods contain enough nutrients and are also digestible, which is easily digested by our body.

When the digestive system is healthy, it has the ability to digest food, then our body becomes energetic. A vegetarian person is healthier and healthier than a mother. They are not at risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, uric A-seed, high blood pressure.

Unnatural eating, due to which our health is getting weaker and weaker day by day. Affects the digestive system because our digestive system has to suffer a lot to digest the nutrients. At the same time, we are entering the body with many harmful germs. meat is a tamasic food, it increases our impulse, anger, resentment, excitement. Meat is made spicy which weakens the digestive system.

How unhealthy is the meat? : – Often we also follow the food of foreign or developed countries. As much as they understand that if meat-eating is eaten, we also have the feeling of why we don’t eat. However, compared to them, the method of slaughtering, storing, and cooking animals in Nepali society is not healthy. In particular, we do not use methods such as checking the health of an animal before slaughtering it or freezing it after slaughtering it in a clean place. This makes it even more stressful.

When slaughtering a healthy animal, it should not be self-conscious. Even animal rights activists have co-opted it. But, in our country, animals are slaughtered with pain and suffering. In this way, when the animal is drinking, its blood flow is obstructed. There is no blood flow in every cell of the body. Because of this, even in death, we end up consuming it.