Here’s how to apply for an e-passport online

The Passport Department has started distributing e-passports i.e. electronic passports from last November 1. E-passport has been made mandatory by stopping the issuance of machine-readable (MRP) passports. For this, it is mandatory to book the date and time online. First come, first served.

Click here to fill out the online application and select the application type and passport type. Now if you already have an MRP passport, renew it and if you are applying for a passport for the first time, choose the New option and fill the form.

When choosing a place to submit the form in Nepal, you can choose the Passport Department (DOP) or District or Designated Area Administration Office, and when applying to the District or Area Administration Office, you have to apply only in the district where you have obtained citizenship or settled.

Only two working days can be availed in the Passport Department in normal condition and in case the details with National Identity Card are met and necessary documents are verified.

Similarly, those who are above 16 years of age and active in Nepal need an active national identity card number. Click here for information on getting National Identity Card Number.

District Authorization Certificate has been made mandatory for those who have a minor identity card.

Only after confirming whether you are active or not by calling the hotline number of the National Identity Card and Registration Department or by sending a message on Viber and WhatsApp, you have to proceed for live enrollment.

Stating that online payment will be made in the near future, the department has made arrangements to pay in cash at present. But keep in mind, if your current passport is more than a year old, you will not be able to get an e-passport.