Free Dual Band Router For WorldLink Users

WorldLink Communications, Nepal’s largest Internet service provider, will distribute dual-band 5G routers free of charge to its customers.

The company is going to provide a free dual-band router to the customers using a single-band router. Under this, customers will be able to get a dual-band router from their nearest WorldLink office at no extra charge.

However, this feature will not be available to all WorldLink customers. According to the information provided by the company, only customers who have received mobile SMS for the free upgrade of the dual-band 5G router will get this facility.

Nokia’s dual-band router can transmit two signals, one supporting a frequency band of 5 GHz and the other 2.4 GHz.

Customers who take this dual-band router can use Wi-Fi at 5 GHz when near and 2.4 GHz when it is far away, the company said.

The company has recently raised the minimum internet speed to 150 Mbps to increase the wireless power level and has started distributing dual-band routers and mesh Wi-Fi systems with 5GHz.

The company has also started a campaign to change the old optical fiber to improve the optical power level.