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How to activate Conference call on NTC, Ncell ?

How to activate Conference call on NTC Ncell? conference call is very important for some sort of time. You can add multiple calls at once, just live group video call on social media.

Minister Yadav’s speech slipped, Controversy

A person like a minister should not speak in a hurry and should control what she is saying

Chinese embassy hands over 2 million syringes to Nepal

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanchi wrote on social network Twitter that 2 million syringes given to Nepal by the Chinese embassy were handed over today.

Influenced by Shrikrishna Shrestha from an early age, Abhishek thus became a hero

EntertainmentInfluenced by Shrikrishna Shrestha from an early age, Abhishek thus became a hero

19 December, Kathmandu. After starring in some music videos, actor Abhishek Shrestha’s debut movie ‘Churifuri’ is going to be released from next Friday.

After liking the story of this film directed by Rishi Raj Acharya, Abhishek says that he is interested in acting from a young age. He says, ‘I wanted to act from a young age. If I spent some time with someone, I would imitate their gestures. I was very impressed with the performance of hero Shrikrishna Shrestha. ‘

He does not dream of making money in the film industry. However, Abhishek says that he has moved forward with the idea of ​​fulfilling a dream.

Abhishek said that he tried to do a hundred percent good job in the movie ‘Churifuri’. “I think I did a good job evaluating myself,” he said. Successor failure is a matter of tomorrow. But, I have not spared any effort to fulfill my dream. ‘

Abhishek has been wearing brotherhood with actress Pooja Sharma. He says he is proud to call himself Pooja Sharma’s brother. He says, ‘Pooja Didi has taught me how to move forward in this field. I feel lucky to be able to move forward under his tutelage. ‘

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