Deepashree “I will not make TikTok on any foreign song now”

Actress and director Deepashree Niraula have promised not to make any video on foreign songs. She made the promise at the announcement program of the National Campaign to Save Nepali Culture 2078 BS.

The ‘National Campaign to Save Nepali Culture 2078’ has been announced to fight against the encroachment on Nepali art, literature, culture, film, and festivals. This campaign has been started by an organization called Parivartan Nepal. From staging plays under Maha Abhiyan, films will also be made.

“We will no longer make a fuss over foreign songs,” said Niraula. “Our small efforts will help preserve our culture.”

The coordinator of the campaign, Mohan Niraula, said that the campaign has programs including meeting political parties, cultural heritage, archeological heritage, heads of temples and experts and informing them about the campaign.

Niraula said that the campaign was launched to end the encroachment on Nepali culture as the country’s identity would be eroded if Nepal’s art, literature, and culture were erased.

Niraula, who is also an actor and film director, said, “We don’t have to fight a war to end the country. Once the culture is over, the country is over.” Now we are on the verge of culture. That is why we have launched this grand campaign to save the culture. ‘He also urges to present Nepali art, literature, and films in their own identity and originality.

Yadav Kharel, the chief guest of the campaign launch and film director, said that the encroachment on Nepali culture has increased in recent times and expressed confidence that the campaign would play a role in preserving the culture. Actress Basandhura Bhushan also said that all sectors and individuals should cooperate in the campaign to save Nepali culture.

Mohan Niraula is the coordinator of ‘Let’s Save Nepali Culture National Campaign’ while Sundar Shrestha, Mukunda Mainali, Thanda Bahadur Adhikari, Manoj Kumar Bhetwal, and Vishwamani Ghimire are the members. Coordinator Niraula informed that additional members will be nominated as per the need and people from other levels and castes besides the organization can be gradually associated with the campaign.