About 500,000 mobile phones worth Rs 3 billion entered Nepal in a one month

Kathmandu. In a period of one month alone, mobile phones worth around Rs 3 billion has been imported from abroad. According to the data released by the customs department in January, a total of Rs 2.75 billion worth of mobile phones have been imported from abroad in a month.

A total of 441,370 mobile phones were imported during the period, according to the department.

According to the department, 4 million five thousand 804 mobile phones worth more than Rs. In a period of one month, four lakh 41 thousand 370 more mobiles have been imported.

Till December, 35.64 million 434 mobile phones worth Rs. 25.62 billion were imported. Most of which are mobile imports from neighboring China.

A total of 3 million 80 thousand 169 mobile phones worth Rs 16.79 billion have been imported from China alone till mid-January. Similarly, India is the second-largest importer of mobile phones.

A total of 7,45,160 mobile phones worth Rs 10.34 billion have been imported from India till January. The third is Vietnam.

A total of 161,806 mobile sets worth Rs 789.58 million have been imported from Vietnam till mid-January.

The government has collected more than Rs 4.49 billion from the imported mobile phones till mid-January.